I love my part-time job as a sales person at a clothing store. I feel like I shouldn’t, since I am still paying for my college education – but I do.

I like seeing the pretty clothes for sale. I appreciate people who carefully consider how they want to appear in the world and who dress with care.

I have learned three things in my short time as a part-time sales person at a clothing store. Wanna see them? Here they are:

1. People care that you care. I don’t always have to have the answers, and I can’t always get people the item that they came into the store looking for. But, if I show that I care, then people get that, and they appreciate it.

2. They’re not just clothes. The right outfit, on the right person for the right price can be such an intoxicating thing! Clothes can make you feel beautiful, and that makes you feel good. And what’s wrong with feeling good?

3. Sometimes feeling good is too good. A woman shopping is a strange thing. All of our crazy animal hunter-gatherer instincts come out. Some women, in their quest for the perfect outfit to make them feel perfect, will buy anything – or, buy something ugly just because it’s on sale. Don’t do that, ladies (or gentlemen). Only buy what you can afford and/or really, really love.